Community services

Lutheran Community Care (LCC) offers a range of services in Queensland to help support individuals and families with practical help and new life skills.


Family support

Our family services offer you support in a range of situations, whether you are facing violence in the home or simply needing help to manage your life situation more effectively.

The range of services we offer varies from location to location and may include counselling, emotional and practical support, group programs, anger management, parenting skills, referral, mediation, financial management and a range of other life skills. Many of our programs have been recognised for taking a fresh and effecive approach, working with an understanding of each person’s particular needs.


Disability support

Our services for people with intellectual or psychiatric disabilities help each individual to live as independently as possible with the necessary support in finding accommodation, work and social interaction. Our life skills training responds to each client’s individual needs.

Disability services are available in three Queensland locations.


Youth support

Our services to young people work with issues of homelessness or potential homelessness, family conflict, and disengagement from schooling. Services work within an early intervention and prevention framework and are responsive to the needs of each individual situation, in order to best meet those needs.

Youth services are available in four Queensland locations.



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We receive funding from both the Australian and the Queensland Governments


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Queensland Department of Housing